Solar Electric PV

Customer Feedback

Read what our customers had to say about the products and services we’ve offered them over the years.

These panels are great, they required zero maintenance and delivered on their promise. To give some perspective, in 2011, 2012 we would pay about *$1,050 a year for electricity, this is when we didn’t have any form of electric heating or cooling in our home. We later did a renovation which included the addition of 2 heat pumps and a “Heat For Less” electric hot water heater, which brought our consumption costs to *$2,100 a year. Since our system was installed in June 2014, we have generated 58% of our total consumption and pay about *$800 a year for our power usage. Based on those numbers we are essentially covering all of our heating, cooling, hot water and then some with those panels on our roof. We couldn’t be happier with the investment we’ve made to our home, our pocket books, the environment and our children’s future. *Includes taxes but excludes service charge, sewer and water.
Denis & Natalie Doiron
Summerside, PE
I love it. I have a 10 kW system and right now I have put out 4 times the electricity to the grid than I used… I have enough power that I am converting my heating system in my house to electric…This system is working above and beyond expectations. I haven’t had to do anything with it. There is really no maintenance. I haven’t even had to sweep it off… Financially it makes sense. The monthly payment on the loan for this system is less than what we were paying each month for power, so it is a no brainer really. Especially for farms who have large energy bills. Why not put this money toward something you will pay off and own?
Mike Taylor
Farmer in Clinton, PE
The Renewable Lifestyles staff were very professional. Everything was done the way it was suppose to be done. They did everything on time and on budget and it was good quality work. If you needed help they certainly were there to offer it to you. The (Solar Electric) system has been trouble-free as far as maintenance. There hasn’t been a single issue with it. Everything is working as it should be.
Don MacSwain
Farmer in Morell, PE
I had my solar system installed November 2013, so it has been running 2 1/2 years now. The system works flawless, there is no maintenance except cleaning the snow off it 3-4 times a winter (that is only for bad winter with heavy snow). I was able to hard wire my inverter to my computer using USB cable, so I can monitor the daily, monthly and yearly output. It also provides a live reading. I save the graphs to my PC and compare them from year to year. My system made 7,708.3 kWh for year 2014 and this is what it averages every year. This saves me on average a $1,000.00 a year on my electric bill. Not bad for something that sits on your roof and you do not even know it is there!
Mark Keizer
Mermaid, PE
My 2 largest reasons for installing the system are 1) rising power rates. Power rates are and will continue to rise. Everything in our house runs on electricity and I would rather not pay the high rates. 2) It is good for the environment.
Lorne Kelly
Rocky Point, PE
We love it.​ We have a 13 kW system. In 2012 our heat and light bill was $5,936.00. After installing our system our bill in 2014 was $3,795.00 and in 2015 our bill went down to $1,931.00. So far this year we have spent around $1,000.00. We have never had to do any maintenance to it and hope it will be even lower in the years to come. Let the sun keep shinning!
Roger Kitson
Harrington, PE
We believe this to be an investment in our lifestyle. This is our "mutual fund" that is ethical, clean and a positive discussion point with our grandchildren. We believe that more solar installations will bolster the argument for an improved energy tariff for all renewable energy producers. This is the way now.
Bill Hamon
New Glasgow, PE
Very happy with our system! We used our heat pump all winter and still have power credits left over 🙂 Now dreaming of owning an electric car!
Robin Bakker
Wheatley River, PE
We are still very new with the system. We have paid only the Maritime Electric service charge since the solar panels have been installed. For us it is our small part in helping the planet. We all know we have to move to sustainable resources. For us, this was one way we can do that. It is definitely a feel good addition! We have changed from propane hot water to electric and electric heat in our recent addition. I encourage everyone to check this out.
Pix Butt
Argyle Shore, PE