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Renewable Lifestyles is the source for all of your renewable energy product and installation needs in Prince Edward Island.

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Harness the sun’s energy and see real-world examples of the benefits Solar Electric PV can bring to your home or business.

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Use our Solar PV System calculator to estimate the size you’d need to offset some or all of your residential electric bill.

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Get started now on your free Solar Electric PV Site Assessment using our comprehensive assessment form.

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With installations across the Island, discover why we’re a leader in solar energy systems and green energy solutions.

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Renewable Lifestyles Ltd. is the most experienced installer of solar energy systems in PEI. We offer a wide range of green energy products in the areas of solar electricity.

With the prices of both fossil fuels and electricity from the grid poised to rise, people and businesses are increasingly switching to clean, renewable energy systems such as solar PV for electricity generation. This could not happen sooner, as climate damages become increasingly severe. Whether your motivation is environmental or financial, Renewable Lifestyles has the information, equipment, and experienced professionals you require to help you secure affordable clean, renewable energy.

our Systems have produced 3.76 Giga Watt Hours
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In Business Since 2000
Our Clients have saved over 40,000 trees!
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Solar Electric (PV)

With free energy from the sun falling on us every day, secure your cost of energy for years to come with solar PV.

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Our high performance grid-tied installations are eligible for a substantial Solar Electric Rebate. Solar PV has never been more affordable.

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better, Cleaner and safer energy for our planet

Our team has the expertise and knowledge for installing the right systems and products for your renewable energy needs.


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Incentive from Efficiency PEI

Rebates, grants and programs that make going green with renewable energy products even easier and more affordable.

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We have installed 200 systems... and counting!
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our systems have produced over 3.76 Gigawatt Hours
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