Wind Energy.

Take advantage of the energy blowing all around you by generating the power you need with reliable turbine technology.

Bergey Wind Turbine
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Capture Our Region’s Winds

Bergey Wind Turbines

Bergey Wind Turbine

Bergey has a 1 kW, 5 kW and 10 kW model. These are some of the most popular turbines worldwide and they have an industry leading 10 year warranty! The Bergey turbine offers excellent low wind speed power and will keep working in up to 150 km/h winds. There is minimum maintenance required for these systems and a 30+ year design life. Rugged and reliable!

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Comparison of Wind and Solar Power

At Renewable Lifestyles we love wind and solar. Our company is relentless in helping you navigate the available options and find affordable solutions. Here we consider wind versus solar.

Wind Power - in Prince Edward Island, a 10 kW Bergey wind turbine mounted on a 30 meter high tilt tower avoids a crane during installation/maintenance. Such a wind turbine will have upfront capital costs starting at ~$75,000. At 30m hub heights, it is common on PEI to see average wind speeds of ~5 meters/second (m/s), sometimes higher. If you have a suitable site, an annual yield of ~13,800 kWh/year can be expected.

Solar Power - a 10 kW solar PV system will often cost below $25,000 to install, so less than 1/3 the upfront capital cost. Solar PV systems typically perform almost exactly in line with initial projections. There is a bit more uncertainty with small-scale wind energy systems. Annual energy output from a 10 kW solar PV system can reach 14,000 kWh/year in PEI and the region. Since there are no moving parts with solar PV, these systems have very little maintenance, even compared to the relatively durable Bergey wind systems (Bergey is considered the leading small wind turbine manufacturer).

Solar PV has become affordabe. 10 year paybacks are common. Customers are seeing quick paybacks and are on track for substantial lifecycle savings. Our customers find solar PV is the preferrable choice in almost all cases. Solar PV usually has less than 1/3 the upfront cost per unit energy generated versus small-scale wind. Solar PV panels have 25 year warranties and are expected to have 40+ year lifespans. Bergey wind turbines have industry-leading 10 years warranties.

Solar Island Electric’s innovative investment and client offerings make investors eligible for generous tax credits up to 35%, and investments are RRSP eligible. Typically investors become clients as well, with a plan of leasing to own their PV systems. The company’s offering document shows a scenario whereby payback periods can be as little as 7 years. To learn more about Solar Island Electric, click here.

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