Solar Water Heating.

Hot water is a major source of energy consumption. Offset your water heating costs by using free solar energy.

Solar Panels on wall of house

Heat Your Water Using The Sun

Solar Boiler (made in Nova Scotia)

Solar Boiler

Providing up to 65% of your annual domestic hot water needs, this unit has an immediate impact on the size of your bill. Hot water heating is usually the second highest energy expenditure in a household, the highest for some households. The Solar Boiler is nearly maintenance-free, requiring only the occasional glycol top-up. It has year round operation and even the pump is powered by the sun via a solar PV panel that allows you to have hot water even when the power is out, so long as you still have water pressure. The Solar Boiler can be configured to meet nearly any hot water need from solar pool heating to commercial/industrial scale hot water needs.

Our solar hot water heating systems qualify for rebates:
- Regular Rebate: $500
- Low-income Rebate Level 1: $850
- Low-income Rebate Level 2: $1700

Call now and we can help you every step of the way to secure your discount.

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